Problem with platformio.ini "creating some garbage files when I open any project that contain platformio.ini"

Yesterday I had some problems with testing some projects,
when I open each project that contain the platformio.ini, I am getting some garbage files with size 0

does anyone have this issue now ??

I have the same problem.

I had this problem early in the morning at work, later the platformio could not compile anything and now even after resetting my Windows the problem insists.
Now I have installed VScode from Microsoft Store and trying to install everything in another place to see whether the problem is going to get solved or not.

Update: This did the job! It is 24:13 and I am toast if tomorrow the code is not partially finished. At least OTA and WiFi capability is needed.
BTW, I guess there was some problem with python environments or platform files that resulted in problems in “Arduino.h” file.

Yet there are still problems with installing pio core cli:
Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:\Users\LeMas.platformio.cache\tmp\”, line 69, in main() File “C:\Users\LeMas.platformio.cache\tmp\”, line 61, in main bootstrap() File “C:\Users\LeMas.platformio.cache\tmp\”, line 47, in bootstrap pioinstaller.main.main() File “C:\Users\LeMas.platformio.cache\tmp.piocore-installer-d2e6cjzo\tmptb1xzizv\\”, line 133, in main File “C:\Users\LeMas.platformio.cache\tmp.piocore-installer-d2e6cjzo\tmptb1xzizv\\click\”, line 1128, in call File "C:\Users\LeMas…

Hey ya’ll this was happening to a lot of people the last two days. Check these threads:

These solutions worked for a few already, let us know how it works out :slight_smile:

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So had you picked the latest pre-release c++. I am pretty sure that I had not and certainly not today!

I am getting masses of compilation errors now. I’ll investigate these and come back to these threads.

I don’t think anyone has gotten to the root cause yet.

:thinking: how are zero length files created as new garbage files and how are established exe files re-written with zero length?

Same issue… The problem is latest pre-release c++, never installer versions “pre-release”, it deletes the content of random files! it stopped when I reverted to v1.8.4.

I have reloaded all the frameworks and all the toolchains and now my projects appear to compile without the hundreds of previous errors.

My problems might be resolved (I’ll see if there are other problems that occur through the dev/rel workflow)

But as yet I don’t think anyone has identified the ‘root cause’ that has impacted many in the last 24-36 hours.

Yes, it does appear that the C++ pre-release 1.9.5 is at the core of the problem but I never knowingly chose to install it! How have we all suddenly fallen foul of this?

So Microsoft repo shows that this is a known problem created in the last few hours


i did not pick the latest pre-release. Not consciously or intentionally. You have to re-install the platforms before you can re-build the projects.

Hi @zanzythebar
Neither did I knowingly download the update!
You get it by default in the VSC extensions settings

My issues are that

  • I believe, I was on the ‘release’ version and not the ‘pre-release’ version - so I shouldn’t have received the auto update

  • I did not see any notification of the update

  • There doesn’t appear to be any installation/update logs so that you have a hope of understanding what has changed

BTW - I have had to delete and reload all of the toolchains and all of the frameworks in the .platform\packages directory and delete any garbage files from the projects that were open in the workspace
PIO does the reloads for you but it slows the processing initially.