PlatformIO is a Ukrainian Project. Please help us stop the war 🙏

Hi, the Peaceful World :hugs:

We receive a lot of emails and messages on what will be with PlatformIO Project in the future. We collected all answers in one post.

Quick answer

The war should not affect PlatformIO Project in the future. Yes, PlatformIO is Ukranian Project, and the R&D team is still located in Ukraine (for security reasons we will not go into details about locations). We experience the same problems as other Ukrainians (see


Russia (sponsor of terrorism) has never respected Ukrainians, they killed over 15 million Ukrainians over the last 100 years. See Holodomor - Wikipedia . A huge part of our intelligentsia was killed or deported to the eastern part of Russia into jails. Russians study absolutely different history in school, they think that they personally won WW2. They blame us (Ukrainians) that we fought on the Nazi side. That is not true, Ukraine was a battlefield of WW2, and millions of us died. We are sure the world has finally seen the truth. If this “huge army” can’t occupy Kyiv for 1 day, how did they personally win WW2? They even can’t reach Poland…

Bucha massacre – killing and abuse of Ukrainian civilians by Russian Armed Forces, March 2022

Current situation

Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed most of part of Russia’s army. If we talk about “ground”, over 10,000 killed Russian soldiers on March 2, 2022. Ukrainians are very strong, everyone defends each piece of his/her land. But! Russia has been scared out of one’s mind and started a brutal war. Instead of fighting with our (Ukrainian) soldiers, they use military bases in Belarus and Russia and Russia bombards chaotically civilians with long-range rockets, a lot of death. As result, it is hard to predict which place is safe in Ukraine now.

PlatformIO Infrastructure

PlatformIO is built on decentralized architecture. A lot of services are mirrored on multiple continents. As result, over 3,000,000 developers are not affected today and even do not know that PlatformIO is Ukranian Project. Thanks for using PlatformIO! :pray:

How to help?

Everything that we need for the future of PlatformIO is the immediate termination of this war.

  • Please help each other on this forum, we have limited spare time
  • If you know anyone from Russia, please share this information and ask them politely to check BBC or other verified resources. This is the only one that can help on these difficult days
  • If you want to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces, see details
  • If you want to help PlatformIO Project, buy premium technical support or make a donation.

We, Ukrainians, are impressed with the support from all over the world. We will not leave you unanswered! :heart:

Слава Україні! Героям Слава! :ukraine:

Your friends at PlatformIO!


You have our unwavering support, and the unanimous support of all of the Western world in the war you did not ask for! I sincerely hope this monstrous violation of Ukrainian sovereignty ends soon, with little (further) loss of Ukrainian life.

Slava Ukraini! :ukraine:


Despite President Bolsonaro’s indifference, we Brazilians are with you.
We hope this war ends soon and Ukraine be a safe place again!

Glória à Ucrânia! :ukraine:


My wife and I donated €500 for armed forces of Ukraine (through and $500 for

We are Russians. And we are terrified by the absolute useless war. We’ve left our aggressive country some years ago. But we didn’t stop this.

Here we are helping to refugees. Our company doing a lot for Ukraine colleagues and their families. At least, you can be sure that refugees are safe in Europe.

I hope, Russian army will be defeated soon, and then we will be happy to help to restore everything they destroyed… except lives :frowning:

We are very sorry.

Glory to Ukraine! :ukraine:


Russia has never respected Ukrainians

Russians, as I think, have never respected themselves. They respect a force only. People afraid to protect themselves = they couldn’t protect majority. This is why they do not understand, for example, why government should protect a minority.

All these problems are not important, as long as they fit into the state boundaries. But Russian tsar, gopnik, is so insane… I couldn’t predict any his step.


Wow! Alexey, thank you so much for your support!!! :pray:

Do you have any ideas on how could we reach more Russian people and open their eyes to the truth?


I’ve sent emails to all relatives and friends whose addresses I know. There are links to the web-sites which I trust more or less. Right now I have no idea how to notify more people: asking people to read something, from some unknown person, can be taken negative and may have opposite effect.


Let’s hope that sanctions will force them to find out what is going wrong with things that are not available for them.


This is clearly a freedom vs evil war.

I just contributed to Ukraine’s Armed Forces. I am sorry that this is all I can do.


Great contribution, thank you, @zapta! :pray:

You can monitor Ukraine’s Armed Forces success following by this resource It is in Ukrainian, but symbols of technics are clear.

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The whole democratic world is on your side. I never saw so much people donating all kind of needed things in my country. Theo (Tasmota project owner) added a link to this post on his github.
My best wishes to all of you.



Thanks, @jason2866 and Theo for your support! :pray:

Can’t wait when this war will be stopped. We have big plans regarding PlatformIO and the PlatformIO Team is highly motivated even in this difficult time. We still work on PlatformIO under missile explosions, we don’t know how many weeks/months we will need to eliminate all enemies defending our land.

Please be sorry for the delay with our responses.

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Ivan, I sympathize with the Ukrainian cause and ashamed of the Russian aggression. Unfortunately, I can’t donate to Platformio project via the given link, it returns Error 1005
Ray ID: 6e8c68ed6cb90b3f • 2022-03-08 14:55:05 UTC ## Access denied. Are there any other venues?


Hi Oleg! Do you have access to this link Donate to PlatformIO Project | PlatformIO (Powered by Donorbox)? We use the Donorbox service, maybe they use Cloudflare which blocks some IPs.

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Yes, Ivan, I’m trying exactly this link, it blocks my IP.
The rest of the error message:

The owner of this website ( has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (14061) from accessing this website.

To send help (money) to friends in Ukraine, consider Moneygram. If you pay in Euros all you need is a name.

Could you help us to solve this issue? Please contact Contact Donorbox Team - Donation Software for Nonprofits and ask them to unblock your IP.

If you have a VPN ( is free for 500Mb), you can choose any location. We use TunnelBear to test access to the PlatformIO services from the different continents.

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This link is unavailable for me too with the same message.

Works when accessed from Germany.

Maybe has something to do with the SWIFT ban of russian banks?

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