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Official PlatformIO plugin for JetBrains CLion IDE

Hi all,

There is a piece of good news here. We are so happy to present the first MVP of the PlatformIO plugin for CLion. Big thanks to JetBrains CLion Team, especially to @elmot for his amazing work.

This is not the final release. We just want to get some feedback and would be thankful if you help us to build a list with the most important features.




How to try it?

  1. Install the latest CLion EAP
  2. Download PlatformIO for Clion Plugin
  3. Install the plugin: CLion > Preferences > Plugins > :gear: > Install Plugin from Disk … > Select ZIP archive

  1. Upgrade PlatformIO Core to the latet 4.1.0 or above via pio upgrade.
  2. Generate PlatformIO project for CLion using docs
  3. Open a project with CLion and add PlatformIO to configuration using CLion > Run > Edit Configurations… > [+] > PlatformIO > Give a name PlatformIO Debug

  1. Select “PlatformIO Debug” configuration and press “Debug” icon
    Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 23 09 31

  2. Happy debugging with PlatformIO and CLion.

Known issue

  1. [R] icon (hot-restart) currently only resets + halts target, and does not move execution to initial breakpoint. This is will be fixed in the next version. A temporary solution is to put breakpoints in the code and press “Continue”.