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Upload Latest build without a Compile/Link

I have seen a couple entries but did not feel it was answered (or maybe I just hoped there was a “new answer”).

I have the situation where I am flashing a bunch of processors (most of them virgin). In my old Visual Studio there was an UPLOAD option which took the most recent build and the current platform and port - and just transferred the code.

As best I can see - this works the same as the Arduino (and others) - of doing a code compile validation and then uploads - it works and is fine - just hoping there is a simple way within the IDE to “just upload”.

I know I can use the HEX file and external program - but was hoping for a simpler solution.


I’m not sure what your requirements are. You want an upload button which does not compile the firmware but instantly uploads? (btw, if there are no source code changes, PlatformIO will not recompile a source file and just upload).

If you want a faster upload method then a small custom script which invokes the upload program might be best for you. What board are you using?

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There’s no just upload whatever was last built option… ) Ignore me… see next post. :man_facepalming:

It comes down to a question of ‘what are you trying to achieve’ … as for me, doing a build without changing code takes a whopping 1.040 seconds … so about 1.5 seconds after me hitting the upload button, PlatformIO will be trying to upload the code, if it hasn’t been changed since the last build. If you needed upload only, that is a bit too specific, and as @maxgerhardt pointed out, is best done with a custom script… which could possibly be just a matter of coping the actual upload command from a ‘verbose upload’ run into a script and running that on demand…

pio run -t nobuild -t upload.