PlatformIO upload button on VS Code PlatformIO taskbar: how to set to upload without building the application

Hello guys, I want to know if there is a way to disable building the application clicking on the upload button located in the PlatformIO taskbar on VS Code.
In practice, I would prefer to click on build button to build and click on upload to just upload.
Is it possible? And if possible… how?

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Why would one not want to upload the latest code written it in the editor during development?

In any case, this was already answered in Upload Latest build without a Compile/Link - #4 by ivankravets.

This is a commandline option. The button cannot be reconfigured.

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You can create your own task with custom upload command. See Custom Targets — PlatformIO latest documentation

  1. It is stupid to have a button that builds all the application and another that builds all and then uploads the application. I am in the embedded development sinc the '80s and it is just loosing time. If I want to build all the application I press the build. It is time lost also if I need to upload the application on some devices.
  2. I read that post, I was looking if is possible to modify the button action.

Just add

extra_scripts =

to the platformio.ini and with

    'pio run -e %s -t nobuild -t upload' %
    title="Uploads without building"

and you will have


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ok this is a new task I have to add to each project

Exactly, in this implementation style yes.

I agree with @maxgerhardt on this.
There are many times you add / modify code and want to compile just to see if there are any issues first. Or want to check how much ram / flash was used by pulling in new code sources. An “Upload” button should do what its named.

Simple pio run -t nobuild -t upload