Upload without build easy instructions

Hi i want to upload without building the latest version. I always build before i make sure i need to upload, and upload sometimes crashes, due to ESP32 beeing a little princess.

I just need an Upload without build button. How?
I tried running pio on command line but need to specify the long path as that is not installed to path.
any quick and easy and still working tips appreciated.

You can put the needed command into a custom target which gives you a GUI button / task to click.

Sorry, but the wiki and the confusion about how to add that to my project is exactly why I am asking for an easy to understand solution. Why is that function not even present in the huge general menu. Also adding a custom Project task itself only kind of works. So a good always working solution would be preferred, one where i don’t have to manually specify the upload port myself.

→ file request in https://github.com/platformio/platformio-vscode-ide/issues