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Support for ESP IDF v4

Espressif released new ESP IDF version 4 this week. What are the plans for adaptation into platformio?

Already asked in another thread, but no response yet.

I suspect work will start shortly since PIO 4.2 is now out the door, and V4 has finally dropped, new CMake build system and all. There was a minor version bump (1.11.1 to 1.11.2) to the platform-espressif32 package, so work is being done on it again.

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Yes, ESP-IDF 4.0 is in our TODOs list. We will back with news soon.

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@ivankravets Do you have any rough estimates? Days, weeks, months?

There are a lot of changes in IDF 4.0, they switched to CMake build system. @valeros has already started integration process. We hope to have final release this month.