PlatformIO too slow to build

Hi everyone,
I am using VSC PlatfomIO with esp-idf for esp32. I noticed that with the platform in version higher than 3.2.1 the compilation is very slow, so I can’t update if I want to use it in an acceptable time.

I’ve read this, but in my case didn’t work.

Can I do something to resolve it?

What’s the time difference between 3.2.1 and higher than 3.2.1 for a clean & build of your ESP-IDF firmware?

I never measured the time, but with higher than 3.2.1 on the Terminal tab every file line appears every 4-5s. With 3.2.1 every lines appears in less than 1s.
I measured now the total time for 3.2.1 and it took 10minutes.

Can you add a Windows Defender exception for platformio.exe / pio.exe and the toolchain-xtensa32 / toolchain-xtensa-esp32 binaries such as xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc.exe / g++? Add an exclusion to Windows Security - Microsoft Support

I can’t add the exception because there’s an antivirus configurated.
Do you believe it may be the antivirus causing this? Even from one version to another?

Well it might continously scan this version of the pio.exe binary or the compilers while it’s running.

Can you verify on another computer that the same behavior with the core appears? If yes, file an issue at GitHub - platformio/platformio-core: A professional collaborative platform for embedded development.

I went deep contacting the antivirus assistance and we found the problem: there was the antivirus monitoring everytime a platformIO .exe running. Thanks for your suggestion, you was right!