Init project seems stuck

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been using Arduino IDE before but this is the first time I switch to PlatformIO. However, I cannot init a new project or import my old ones. I’ve tried to reinstall the extension in VS code. I’ve tried to add pio.exe file to Windows antivirus exclusion list, even the entire .platformio folder. But it is still too slow/stuck (with pio command or UI)

For example

> pio project init -b esp32dev
include - Put project header files here
lib - Put project specific (private) libraries here
src - Put project source files here
platformio.ini - Project Configuration File
Resolving esp32dev dependencies...

It stays put here for half an hour already.
From this thread, I see toolchain-xtensa32 is mentioned. However, when I open .platformio\packages dir, only contrib-piohome exists. Does it seem broken?
What should I try next now…?

Thanks in advanced.