PlatformIO is a Ukrainian Project. Please help us stop the war 🙏

I am impressed with your great work on Platformio. We consistently support Ukraine in the war against the fascists from Russia. Greetings from Poland. Glory and freedom for Ukraine !!


@sesarek, thanks for your invaluable support! :pray: :ukraine: :orange_heart: :poland:

Quite interesting how programming community here gets involved in politics. Well, I’ve been using PlatformIO for several years, but this is the first time I get to know that the project was originally Ukranian!

Well, we Syrian people are in the same boat. The Syrian regime, backed up by militias from Iran, and those latter backed up by Russia, killed more than one million Syrian, displaced other 13 million, and hundreds of thousands others are detained and hijacked.

We support you and all of my family and free people I know support Ukraine. Your victory is our victory. If Russia was defeated, we will get rid of the oligarchy that was in power for over 50 years!

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I really hope Ukrainian and Russia stop this war right now…Both countries were used to like brothers, winning WWII and pushing human technology farther together. I am feeling really bad. Pray for war stops right now.

This is the result of russian propaganda and its allies that support russia as a terrorist state and keep a neutral position in the russian-Ukranian war.

We were never brothers. We, as Ukrainians, never called russians “brothers” and they were always enemies of us even during WW2. We fought against russian nazis too: one front against Hitler, another against the dictator Joseph Stalin who divided Poland together with Hitler and used Ukranians during WW2 as “cannon fodder”. Please take a look at the world map and you will see where was the epicenter of WW2. russian totalitarian regime used WW1/WW2 as an instrument to erase Ukranians as nation.

russia brought a lot of harm to the Ukrainian nation. No need to go so far. I’m sure you are familiar with the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. Try to read his biography on Wiki, especially the “Exile” paragraph. That was the 18th century. There are dozen of thousands of intellectual Ukrainians who were killed by russish nazi machine.

So, this explains the reason why the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed “the 2nd army in the world”. We owe very much to our ancestors and heroes who died by the hands of the russian totalitarian machine. This is the moment when all Ukrainians united and protect all pieces of our land. russian terrorist regime lost the battle on the field. The last what they can do is attack peaceful Ukranians with long-range missiles in hope that we will give up. It does not work! Ukrainians are so strong even without electricity, heating, water, and other benefits of civilization.

Thanks again for your invaluable support! :pray: :heart: :ukraine:


Do you added or will planed add troyan code to platformio for russian timezone installation?
Some ukranian developers do some work for destroy russians servers…

PlatformIO was not founded to damage developer machines. It is open source project, see GitHub - platformio/platformio-core: A professional collaborative platform for embedded development

The mission of this post is to help the peaceful world fight russian propaganda and stop its terrorist regime. There is no place on our planet for Ruscism and putin’s ideology.

It is very naive to think that there is even the slightest chance to “open the eyes” of the Russian fascists to what is happening now in Ukraine

Never give up. PlatformIO is just another great example of the Ukrainian ingenuity and pragmatism that so has impressed the rest of us.

(actually didn’t realize that it was an Ukrainian project until recently)

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I have a number of drones and drone parts I’d like to donate to the Ukraine military in support. If you would please instruct me on how and who I should send these materials?

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Dear Lynn,

Thanks for your willingness to help us protect our freedom and independence :pray:

Regarding drones and related help - could you contact Drones for Ukraine Foundation

I donated today to PlatformIO. I’m American and I care - we care. You and your team and all Ukrainians are in our thoughts.

Next person who reads this, donate! Keep this thread alive with support.

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I personally rescued women of a family, getting them to Poland, and then ultimately the United States, while their male relatives fight. Ukrainians are the new Patriots, and have a real opportunity here to not only defeat the Russians, but to rid their country of the corruption that now is out of control in the United States.

Best Wishes!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава! :ukraine:


I am an Iranian
Unfortunately, Ukraine is attacked by Iranian drones, and we Iranians have no involvement
Unfortunately, our government is controlled by Russia
And the people of Iran do not have any authority
If Russia is destroyed, our country will also be freed from Russia

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what is situation now?
is there any update on this?

this article gives very strong accusations to Russian people, are there any Russian here that can confirm or not the infos on that article?

the only one who said “I’m russian” here said the complete opposite, I can’t believe that most russian people tolerate this war, that are fine in attacking Poland as next and they can tolerate a nuclear weapon.

This isn’t about the people themselves. Intelligent individuals can access information on the Internet, yet even they may struggle to embrace the truth due to the influence of propaganda. They possess books that narrate their version of history, which often contradicts even Wikipedia. Many of them hold negative views towards the USA and aspire for the EU to collapse. Their concern for the impoverished conditions in their own country is limited, as their television emphasizes the challenges faced in other nations.

During my visit to Russia before the war, I was profoundly struck by the widespread poverty among the population, despite the country’s significant income from the sale of resources such as crude oil, natural gas, and other commodities. This is largely attributed to rampant corruption.

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It’s hard to say. As an ordinary resident I see only so many people around me daily, while the link you shared claims they have conducted a representative research. That said, I don’t think there is so much support of “extending Russian influence by military means” in other countries. Although it’s no secret public opinion can be shaped given enough time.

The wording of some questions is debatable - e.g. “Do you think Russian Federation should extend its influence (including by military means)” - what if a respondent thinks that it should extends its influence, but by non-military means? I saw no response option that fits. “In which countries should the Russian Federation continue the special military operation” - there’s no option “None”. Finally, the wording of the question about nuclear weapons use suggests that such weapons are going to be used against Russia. And the same question is asking whether a respondent assumes that such weapons would be used, not whether he supports or opposes that, while the comment says that “three-quarters of Russians do not object”.

Please take the previous paragraph with a grain of salt - maybe the double translation (from Russian to English by article author and then back when I read it) distorted the meaning of the questions at some point, so my comments might be not relevant.

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At least there are those 20% that shouldn’t be attacked… Not to mention that there may be more such people in tech circles…

I see it the same way you do.
Since I am German, I am also very ashamed of my country and our politicians, especially Olav Scholz, who is letting you down so much, especially when it comes to the Taurus weapons.
I find it a very cowardly calculation to say that the Taurus fly too far and at the same time the USA allows the F16 fighter jets that can fly even further to be sent to you.
This and exactly this shows how cowardly our politicians are.

This is exactly why I would like to support your military.
Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card and either use a normal bank transfer or Paypal.

Now how can I send money to your army?

I wish all Ukrainians only the best and that this terrible war will soon be over and that you will get your whole country back

Best greetings



yes i would like support your Armee… is there possible to pay over paypal? i can send by friend without any cost

because google-pay i never used and credit-card i don’t have…
if no possible… i try to send then over my bank with international money transfer (but is more work :slight_smile: )

Kind reagards