Keyboard input hangs at PIOHome in VSCode

Dear All,

I’m a newbe in PlatfromIO IDE. I use VSCode under Win10x64 + PlatfromIO IDE. Everything is with the latest versions updated.

EVerything works fine expect PIOHome page. Very often (50%) I can’t enter any value to text fields (search fields are there). For example, searching for a lib or creating a new project. I have close PIOHome page and re-open it.
At the same time rest of the tabs with text works very well.

What can be wrong?

Possibly that you didn’t search before posting? :stuck_out_tongue:

There has been over half a dozen posts about this recently… this response for the suggested workaround until Microsoft fix it. As the post says, workaround is to simply double-click the PIO Home tab when it loses keyboard focus.

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Thank you very much!

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VSCode 1.40.2 has been released, which includes the necessary fix. No more double click of the tab to regain keyboard focus needed! :slight_smile: