Having trouble setting up Bigtree SKR v1.3

I neither can get my platformio.ini to show the same files as the video’s I’m watching. I’m trying to setup a new 3D printer board. An skr v1.3 by bigtreetech with no luck compiling the files. I load Adam along with the platformio.ide ,and the marlin 2.0 downloaded from GitHub and for some reason the platform.ini file does not load the same as what I am seeing on the net. any ideas what I’m doing wrong

src_dir = Marlin
boards_dir = buildroot/share/PlatformIO/boards
default_envs = LPC1768

default_src_filter = +<src/*> -<src/config> -<src/HAL> +<src/HAL/shared>
extra_scripts = pre:buildroot/share/PlatformIO/scripts/common-cxxflags.py
build_flags = -fmax-errors=5 -g -D__MARLIN_FIRMWARE__ame as what I am seeing on the net

I’ve moved this to a separate thread as you resurrected an old thread about something completely different.

Since you’re talking about the Bigtreetech version of Marlin, perhaps you should be looking at


for the source code, and using the configuration they provide?

Someone else will probably be able to help you with this specific board, as there have been a few posts by people for that particular board recently, so there are some other users of it on this forum.

Created a Directory folder “SKR_v1_3” in the my documents folder. Unpacked marlin_2.0.7.2 onto desktop, then moved it to the SKR folder i created for project. Unpacked current marlin_bugfix_2.0 (from github @marlin, not BTT) on to desktop and expanded to the marlin folder and copied the two configurations files only into the marlin folder of my SKR_v1_3 project. All i need for the base build. Now for the windows 7/8.1/10 i needed a solid build (all updates for OS, i installed the java jre updates from 6u45 all in renamed directories all the way up to as current the system allowed. Same with dotnetfx whether v35/v40/v45 up to most current sdk. Also did same with python, but v2.7 and v3.7.7 only. As well i installed current LLVM package directly on OS too. INSTALLED the offline Git-client!!. Now i installed vscode insiders ed. Or Current. Installed marlin autobuild extension(seems to be only way i have been able to get the bugfix loaded properly). Also installed platformio extension. LLVM. C++. Went to settings and searched for “update” found all the ones i wanted to shut off auto update for. Helped to keep version control so im not updating out of this environment build i know works for me without errors compiling basic code.

Open Marlin Autobuild. > Open folder > select SKR_v1_3 till the marlin folder contents show.
Changed the MOTHERBOARD env variable BOARD_BTT_SKR_v1_3. Wont build it yet, but now open platformio and open the same folder/directory and change the env variable there to LPC1768 in the platformio.ini file. The marlin auto build will not compile without this file in the base marlin folder.
Saved the platformio.ini file. Closed platformio. Went to marlin autobuild and hit build. It finished without error.
Now open platformio and opened the folder i have created. Changed the MOTHERBOARD here now as-well, like in marlinautobuild, to the BTT_SKR_v1_3.
Uncommented my CR10LCD, and the stepper drivers to TMC2208 and TMC2209.
Here was a big hangup… Must be connected to the internet. No antivirus and no firewall. Only plug in to network when Marlin and platformio will need project variables from their source libraries. Which mine needs the trinamic TMCStepper@0.7.3 sources and the u8glib-HAL @~0.5.2.

No more errors. Now build from Scratch the options wanted.
Using BTT’s folders or other 3dprinter builds as a start is nice if theres one with all the goodies setup already, however with python and llvm updates or the vscode updates itself between versions of platformio, things tend to get broken for pointers in the dependent sources.
Only need main sources for printer hardware and build from there. Its not hard. The only thing is getting platformio setup for starters. Took about 15 differnent operating system builds and a few diffent computer architectures to find a setup that didnt error. My main aim was to build a dedicated operating system environment i last new to work 2yrs ago on a windows7x32 as i have had nothing but problems since with anything on windows 8.1x64 or windows10x64. Really like to see a standalone program. Hit install and get right to build.