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Having trouble setting up Bigtree SKR v1.3

I neither can get my platformio.ini to show the same files as the video’s I’m watching. I’m trying to setup a new 3D printer board. An skr v1.3 by bigtreetech with no luck compiling the files. I load Adam along with the platformio.ide ,and the marlin 2.0 downloaded from GitHub and for some reason the platform.ini file does not load the same as what I am seeing on the net. any ideas what I’m doing wrong

src_dir = Marlin
boards_dir = buildroot/share/PlatformIO/boards
default_envs = LPC1768

default_src_filter = +<src/*> -<src/config> -<src/HAL> +<src/HAL/shared>
extra_scripts = pre:buildroot/share/PlatformIO/scripts/
build_flags = -fmax-errors=5 -g -D__MARLIN_FIRMWARE__ame as what I am seeing on the net

I’ve moved this to a separate thread as you resurrected an old thread about something completely different.

Since you’re talking about the Bigtreetech version of Marlin, perhaps you should be looking at

for the source code, and using the configuration they provide?

Someone else will probably be able to help you with this specific board, as there have been a few posts by people for that particular board recently, so there are some other users of it on this forum.