Finally, PIO Unified Debugger comes to VSCode!


We are pleased to announce a huge update :fire: for PlatformIO IDE for VSCode which brings a new polished and modern user interface for PIO Unified Debugger. You can’t imagine but with PIO Unified Debugger you don’t need to know how to prepare your hardware for debugging. Other IDEs require to prefill a lot of debugging settings, install special software which can differ between development boards, read long tutorials…

:rocket: PIO Unified Debugger is the unique solution on the market. Just a “1-click” on “Debug” button and VSCode will be magically converted from a text editor to a powerful development environment with the rich debugging instruments:

:heavy_check_mark: Conditional Breakpoints
:heavy_check_mark: Expressions and Watchpoints
:heavy_check_mark: Generic Registers
:heavy_check_mark: Peripheral Registers
:heavy_check_mark: Memory Viewer
:heavy_check_mark: Disassembly
:heavy_check_mark: Multi-thread support
:heavy_check_mark: A hot restart of an active debugging session

PIO Unified Debugger works on Windows, macOS, Linux and supports more than 200+ different boards and the most popular architectures, such as ARM, Espressif 32, RISC-V, and MSP430.

You can easily switch between different architectures, MCUs, boards, operation systems and keep the same workflow.

Get PlatformIO IDE for VSCode


  • Arduino and IoT
  • ARM mbed RTOS
  • Espressif 32 and ESP-IDF (RTOS)
  • RISC-V, SiFive Freedom E SDK

** Official support for ESP32 and RISC-V will be announced later. Stay tuned with us at PlatformIO_Org.

Arduino and IoT


Espressif 32 and ESP-IDF (RTOS)

RISC-V, SiFive Freedom E SDK

The PlatformIO Plus Team

What's the difference between platformIO IDE with Atom and VScode


YES YES YES YES! Thank you for the disassembly view!
Keen to get stuck in to this!

Unified Debugger -- before I buy
Debuging in Eclipse

Awesome! Will this also make it’s way to PIO for Atom, or has the time come for me to download VSCode?


Yes, you should try PlatformIO IDE for VSCode! It worth it! :blush:


Downloading… :grin:


Debugging doesn’t seem to work without being logged into PIO. If I try to log in a message briefly pops up saying “Account: Bad Credentials”. Am I missing something?


Do you have PIO Account? It’s diffe from this community forum. You can create a new via PIO Home- Account


Aaah, that would explain it. Thanks Ivan, I’ll open a PIO account.


Hi, I’ve been trying to configure a custom board debugging using the Unified Debugger, but I couldn’t find any documentation to this regard online. Maybe somebody could help me out with how to set up everything to work…?

So basically I’ve got a custom board which based on the atmega328p AVR chip, I’m using the Arduino framework, but without a bootloader, and the chip runs on 12Mhz. I have a custom board configuration for it in PlatformIO, building and uploading works, only I would need to also have debugging available. For this purpose I have an Atmel ICE debugger, and would want to use the debugWire interface as it’s the only option available on this chip. Also I’m using a MAC with VSCode and PlatformIO plugin with an active license.

I’ve seen that PlatformIO uses GDB underneath, so I think there should be a possibility to actually configure the debugger to run, instead of importing the whole project into Atmel Studio for debugging (which is a real hustle).


Hi, we currently don’t support debugging for AVR. There is no stable and official GDB server for AVR :frowning: