What's the difference between platformIO IDE with Atom and VScode

i’m a really new of platform. I used to use Arduino IDE before but it’s too simple for me. So I want to turn to platformIO IDE,but I’m not sure which IDE I should choose, Atom or VScode. I see the this but there is no detail there like what is limited of Smart Code Navigation or PIO Unified Debugger…
Thanks everyone.

Smart code navigation refers to a set of features in VSCode. And the PIO Unified debugger is more capable on VSCode (see here). I’d suggest sticking to VSCode for all purposes, it’s just better supported out of the box and has more features.

Of course, PIO also supports other IDEs, you can generate project files from the command line for atom|clion|codeblocks|eclipse|emacs|netbeans|qtcreator|sublimetext|vim|visualstudio|vscode.

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Hi maxgerhardt,
Thanks a lot!