Finally, PIO Unified Debugger comes to VSCode!

We have a feature request, please follow it:


I’m developing some projects on Wemos D1 mini. But it seems debug mode does not support Wemos (ESP8266).

Do you have any plans to implement debug function for Wemos (ESP8266) ? It would be great to use such tool.


Its working for me now on my 2 Macs 10.13.6 with the version 1.4.0 (2018-10-09)

Sorry, we don’t plan to add debugging for ESP8266. There are a lot of technical issues related to this chip. Please use ESP32 instead.

I know this is quite an old topic and my question might look a bit stupid, but I’m asking anyway.
Is there any FREE option for PIO Unified Debugger (or similiar, for Atom or VSCode)?
I was using Atom and PIO in my new project, and when it comes to debugging they recommend me to move to VScode, since there is no support for my board (MKR WAN 1300) there. So I did it, installed and started using VSCode. Now I bought my ATMEL-ICE debugger and just can’t make anything work since the PIO Unified Debugger seems to be only available for PAID versions.
Am I missing something or, in order to have any basic debugging feature I must apply for a paid plan?


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I have the same question, thanks for asking.

In all my years of doing embedded system development, I’ve never had to pay for the debugger software, it’s always been included when I bought the actual debugger hardware.

This project looks promising (runs on OSX/Linux/windows), as I would prefer to use OSX and linux instead of windows, but looks like I’m just going to use free Arduino IDE and Atmel Studio on a windows box for development and debugging. This project seems a lot like hostage-ware to me that gets people locked into a monthly expenditure that seems counter-intuitive to open source software projects that are supposed to aid open hardware projects like Arduino, etc.