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Debugger for Arduino uno / Mega and ESP8266

Is it possible or are there any plans to make the debugger usable with the boards mentioned in the title?

Currently, our debugger does not support these boards for debugging. However, we plan to add debugging for AVR soon. Please stay tuned with us on

Hi Ivan! Any news of this? Is there a roadmap?


Are you interested in debugging for AVR or ESP8266?

AVR, specifically: Arduino Uno and Mega.

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Any updates on progress for debug support for AVR? It’s been more than a year now and It would help my productivity immensely to have inline debugging on my Arduino Mega 2560.

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@ivankravets Any updates on a PlatformIO debugger implementation for AVR-based Arduino boards (in my case, specifically the Arduino Mega)? Thanks!

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We would like to have an option with debugging for AVR. Microchip does not have debug server to solve this. They use something proprietary called MDB which is classic GDB. See our discussion here

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