Marlin 3d printer debugging using ATMEL-ICE

I have successfully built the Marlin 3d printer project using PlatformIO in Visual studio code. I am using ATMEGA-2560 board for 3d printer. I am interested in hardware debugging using breakpoints to understand the flow of the code. Is there any way I can debug the project using ATMEL-ICE? Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.
Muhammad Shahzad

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This is something that a lot of people would love (myself included), but looks to be something not likely to happen soon due to manufacturers insisting on proprietary interfaces :-/

Forum search is your friend :wink:

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Thanks a lot for your reply, is there any way that platformIO running code to be ported on Atmel studio.

No idea. The main code of the project will be C++, but it’s going to be the libraries, and any other runtime defines and configuration that will be sticking point.

hi @shahzad,
yes you can debug marlin firmware on atmel studio,
go to file/open/open file for debug…
select elf file of your marlin firmware…
select controller…
your project will be created. now click on start debug… it give error to select programmer. select atmel sam/avr. and enjoy debugging.

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