Nano ATmega328 (New Bootloader)

Hello everyone, this is probably a stupid question but I wonder if there is an interface for debugging on an Arduino Nano ATmega328 (or even family)?
Reading the article by Manuel Bl. which uses an Arduino Nano 33 IoT based on a SAMD21 via SWD connections and a J-Link adapter interface, I thought that maybe other hardware could be via the TX/RX of the CPU. the same thing.
I have a STLink-V2 clone dongle.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. :question: :grinning:

I somehow don’t think the STLink is suitable for debugging AVR architecture, but I won’t go there…

Debugging for AVR devices is something that would be dearly loved in PlatformIO, but I think Ivan has hit a roadblock in being able to actually implement that, due to Microchips use of a proprietary debug software layer. This was the last update I remember seeing from Oct last year:

I suspect the only ‘option’ at present is Atmel Studio and a compatible debugger, unless there is some other debugging framework available.

Thank you pfeerick for the comments, I agree, the STLink is for the ST-Microelectronics processor, at Microchips I have a PicKit2 and Pickit3 but they are only usable (I guess) for PIC controllers. Atmel Stduio is based on Visual Studio but difficult to understand if there is a “compatible debugger” hardware for AVR … This is my problem.

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There are a few ‘genuine’ debuggers, but most of them have been discontinued. The Atmel ICE seems to be only one Microchip is pushing now for AVR stuff. However, if you’re also into PIC stuff, it may be worth looking at the PicKit4, as that is supposed to also have AVR support, but I don’t much about it, and it probably will also require the use of MPLAB. :face_vomiting: Yet… Another… IDE! :man_facepalming: