Can’t upload code to esp8266

Can’t get my ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E Development Board to work with Platformio. An Arduino Uno works fine with Platformio. The ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E Development Board works fine with the Arduino IDE.

Platformio Devices: COM3 Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3) USB VID:PID=10C4:EA60 SER=0001 LOCATION=1-11

platform = espressif8266
board = nodemcuv2
framework = arduino
upload_speed = 9600 (per instructions on back of the ESP8266 module)
upload_port = COM3

Compiles fine. On upload I get:
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x1e

Any help would be appreciated.

This is the output of on upload via avrdude to an AVR chip. Have you forgotten to change the active project? Also see After update PlatformIO it looks like it does not read platformio.ini - #7 by maxgerhardt.

Thanks… That helped a lot. Of all the videos I’ve watched and tutorials I’ve read, not once have I seen any reference to your response. After finally figuring out what you were trying to tell me, I now get 8% into the upload and then get a bunch of errors starting like this:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Hal.platformio\packages\tool-esptoolpy\”, line 3969, in
Haven’t the foggiest notion of what they mean…

Problem is the change has been introduced semi-recently and without much user communication (Having to separately select a default to compile and upload since v2.3.0 · Issue #2410 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub).

Can you please remove that line, uploading at such low speeds shouldn’t be necessary – this may be the baud rate of communicfation of the default firmware, but not the flashing speed. With your CP201x USB-UART bridge, it might even be able to go into the 1 megabaud and beyond range, the standard is 115200.

If this still doesn’t help, please post the full log that appears when using “Upload”

Thank you so much… I will be forever in your debt. All seems to be well now.
And, thanks for the timely response. It wasn’t expected the way things seem to go today…