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Wrong lib installed when there are 2 libs with the same name

I was trying to install the following library:
ssd1306 by Alexey Dynda
but when I press install the following lib is being installed:
SSD1306 by Majenko Technologies

It seems like library manager has problems identifying libs with duplicated names.

Windows 10 1903, PlatformIO Home: 2.3.2, Core: 4.0.3

If memory serves me correct, when duplicate name libraries are encountered, the first one found will be used. This is the main reason you should specify the library by ID - as then regardless of name(or name changes) only the specified library will match.

I use the following syntax, as PIO will ignore semi-colon comments:

lib_deps = 
   1904 ;ssd1306

I’m not talking about lib_deps configuration as I can just give the zip location from github. I’m talking about the bug in the library installer which is not case sensitive I suppose. It should install libs by its ID not lib’s name

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Oh, sorry… misread that… gotcha now… the library manager / library installer

Well, this could be a problem… :open_mouth: I fully agree… that mode is wrong… it should install the library you are on (i.e. by id)… not be ‘automatically chosing’ anything.