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Wrong install by git link of lib without manifest

I try to add this repo to lib_deps as:

  • crcpp=
  • crcpp=

And so on… In all cases, pio install content of test/ folder instead of root, and that causes build errors (see .pio/<env>/crcpp/ content). Is that normal? If i copy sources to lib/ folder - build works as expected.

Is there any way to use original repo somehow, and include inc/CRC.h into my files (without original project changes)?

PS. Anyway, IMO, pio should not try to use test/ folder of dependencies for build.

Yes, see Include libraries from github - #2 by maxgerhardt and PlatformIO downloads subfolder - #4 by maxgerhardt. Since the linked library has no manifest file (library.json), PlatformIO crawls the subfolders in the search for the source folder, and finds source files in test/ in this case. This logic is contained in find_library_root(), and it fails for the folder structure of your target library.

Fixes as done to close e.g. is adding more special cases in the detection logic. In this case for e.g. per

The safest way to use a non-PlatformIO library within PlatformIO is to make it explicitly PlatformIO-compatible, that is, by forking it and giving it a library.json.

This has been fixed in the latest PlatformIO core 5.2.3 (, PR 4093).

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