Will my lib be accepted in the registry?

As title.
I submitted a library in the registry with this command:
platformio lib register http://my.example.com/library.json

platformio said me that the lib will be moderated.

How can I know if my lib has been accepted or rejected?


Most likely, unless the library manifest is malformed.

I’m guessing you’ll find out in the next 24 or so hours if it appears on the library registry… I don’t know if you get an email letting you know it’s been added.

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the problem is if there is some errors in the manifest.
who will tell me that there was an error and what errors there was?


I think Is there a place to check the status of a new library registration? - #2 by ivankravets is still valid… Unless I oversee it in https://api.registry.platformio.org/.

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that link shows some errors…

I hope that the publish/moderation process will be clearer soon.
There is very few in the docs.

Indeed seems broken now (502 bad gateway error), I’m sure this looked different when I last visited the page, you could see the different requests you could do.

@ivankravets is there a API in place for requesting library moderation status?

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my lib seems to be accepted, is live now. thanks you guys.

Sorry for delay. The library has been published into the registry PlatformIO Registry

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Loving PlatformIO, thanks Ivan

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We have not released yet a new registry :frowning: The legacy endpoint is here: https://api.platformio.org/lib/stats

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how often the crawler runs to get the updates from the lib?
does it run once every 24 hours?


Going through backlog of unread messages… :wink:

Yes, every 24 hours, Ivan needs to give the crawler a clout for dereliction of it’s one and only job!

Updates to existing libraries are done every 24 hours. In case a more urgent update is required, you can post a request on PlatformIO community.

A few days ago I registered an new - at least in the platformio universe :wink: - library using

pio lib register https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/raw/master/library.properties

pio told me that the lib will be moderated.

Is there a place to check the status of a new library registration? I couldn’t find any :thinking:

Not as far as I know. This will be different when the Registry 2.0 goes live, as library authors will have full control over their library. If it’s been say three days, and it’s not turned up at PlatformIO Registry I’d flick Ivan a PM or tag him here to check up on it.

Registry 2.0 - I’m curious about it.

Before reading your message I just have repeated the register request with pio - just to be sure :wink: . Hope that doesn’t bother.

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Hopefully not. :wink:

I’ve only seen bits and bobs about it as Ivan as mentioned aspects of it that will resolve issues with the current system. I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to use the search to find mention of the new library register / registry crawler, as to not ruin the surprise for others! :rofl:


Could you please check? It’s still not visible in library manager :slightly_frowning_face:.

Thx in advance

I can’t understand how do people use Gitlab: slow, buggy, etc. See log

  cmdline: git clone --single-branch -v https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/- /tmp/gitclient-repo-ioUqRV
  stderr: 'Cloning into '/tmp/gitclient-repo-ioUqRV'...
fatal: unable to update url base from redirection:
  asked for: https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack
   redirect: https://gitlab.com/users/sign_in

What does it mean? Could you try to change https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/blob/master/library.properties#L8 to https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent.git? Or, just move to Github and forget about all issues.

Hi Ivan,

thx for your fast reply. To be honest, I am a little bit uncertain, what’s the correct URL for registration.

A try with the “normal” URL for the git-repo https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent.git you’ve asked for produces this:

pio lib register https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent.git
Error: Could not parse manifest -> Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

whereas the URL where the file library.properties is public reachable via HTTP(S) produces that:

pio lib register https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/raw/master/library.properties
Invalid library config: The library is already registered

You also mentioned

but - please correct me if I am wrong - this is the URL for access with a browser and produces a whole bunch of HTML, CSS and so on and I believe your crawler doesn’t like that :wink:

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You missed the L8 on the end… Ivan was asking you to change the URL in library.properties so it ends .git, which will probably tell the crawler to use git…

https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/raw/master/library.properties would be the right URL to use for registering the library, as that is the raw file, not the HTMLified version.