Will my lib be accepted in the registry?


sorry but that鈥檚 what Ivan wrote

Unfortunately he didn鈥檛 mention the place where I should make the change - sounds to me like some kind of insider knowledge :wink: which I don鈥檛 have - at least not now.

Neither my registration request nor the current version of library.properties contain the URL library.properties 路 master 路 arduino / ExtendedTouchEvent 路 GitLab - so where does it come from? :thinking:

I am in doubt that changing the current value of the property url from arduino / ExtendedTouchEvent 路 GitLab to arduino / ExtendedTouchEvent 路 GitLab makes any difference, because a request to the later one is instantly redirected (with HTTP 302) to the 1st one - but I like to try it nevertheless. I would combine that with a minor patch and make a new release.

What shall I do, when this has been done?

He is saying to try changing the URL at line 8 of https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/-/blob/master/library.properties to https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent.git

鈥 probably because of the redirect 鈥

However, I think there is also some confusion here. But as far as what to do, just wait for 24-36 hours after making the change, to see if the crawler picks up your library. I can鈥檛 comment re gitlab vs github鈥 I鈥檝e used both, and can鈥檛 complain about reliability or speed of gitlab on a large scale鈥 it seems just fine, and has given GitHub some much needed competition. I especially like the fact that you can self-host GitLab if you so desire! :wink:

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@ivankravets - why is there a - at the end of that URL? That鈥檚 what鈥檚 cased the error in your case鈥 for some reason you鈥檙e doing https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/- instead of https://gitlab.com/arduino23/ExtendedTouchEvent/

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So do I :grin: - that gives me the opportunity to make some experiments and gives me more control than in a public repo

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Ok - made the change as discussed, change is merged to master, new release is tagged - let鈥檚 wait :timer_clock: :wink: (and see)

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Eggtimer is running :laughing:

Funny you say that鈥 I predominately use ARM64 boards (pine64,rock64,rockpro64) so wanted to run GitLab on them (but couldn鈥檛 at the time), so now I use Gitea and have that running locally 24x7鈥 runs a treat, and means I can work on any of my machines, whilst having version control and somewhat of a backup across machines, without the data leaving my local network! :wink:

It works now! Thanks! PlatformIO Registry


As Fred Flintstone likes to say 鈥淵abba dabba doo鈥 :smile:.

Thanks for your help. :+1: