Why is Atom being discouraged


Why is the Atom project being dropped by PlatformIO? It is functional and does work on my 32 bit Ubuntu.

Yes, I use VSCode on my PC. But that is just because I use the code formatting. Otherwise I would be using Atom there too.


You answered it yourself i guess, what’s wrong with Atoms code formatting? There are a million options. Also, maybe it is personal preference, limited team resources, easier to develop for, take your pick. There might be a excel sheet telling the team 90% of the users use VSCode, who knows? That’s Open Source for you, wild development hops are common. All these things don’t have to be a bad thing, though. Stay flexible :slight_smile:


I didn’t know Atom had code formatting. Aside from that there are only two annoying things with atom, both were not show stoppers. First was the exceptionally slow start time of the app and the second was the reliance of scroll wheel to scroll the output window - i don’t have a clue why they didn’t include scroll bars.

VSCode is far from perfect, but again no show stoppers. They don’t support 32bit on linux, which my armchair laptop runs. Atom does.


This is very typical on millennial developers, because they only ever use their MacBook and never even use a mouse, let a alone a (GASP) touch screen.

I don’t know if VsCode is very good, but I do know is that Atom is very bad. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by actual software designed to be used by humans, as opposed to web-wrapped javascript dependency spaguetti so you get performance slower than a 486 on a 2018 machine (as noted by the stupidly long boot times and complete disregard for the UI and OS guidelines).


Please take a look at this plugin https://atom.io/packages/atom-beautify


That is the question…no solution stated…