Can i stick to Atom project while using PlatformIO?

dear community,

is Atom project being dropped by PlatformIO?

on a sidenote: Yes, I use VSCode on my PC too. But i am a big big ATOM admirer - since i love the seamless integration into github. I do not like VSC - for its MS$ Background - I would be using Atom on each notebook and PC i have. So what is with is Atom and PlatformIO? is the Atom project being dropped by PlatformIO?

cf Why is Atom being discouraged - #7 by mikemoy

love to hear from you

Isn’t Atom mainly developed by GitHub and GitHub is owned by Microsoft?


hi there - unfortunatly

i love Atom for the bunch of addons and all that suff

From the sounds of it, one of the biggest issues is the Atom API. There is also the fact that under the hood VSCode is basically Atom V2 (ie. the Electron based editor that learnt from the mistakes of Atom V1).