What should we show in the Dashboard? (PIO integration in Embeetle IDE)

We’re currently working on the integration of PlatformIO into Embeetle IDE (see https://embeetle.com). Our IDE looks like this:

As you can see, we have a Dashboard that presents all the important/relevant information about your project:

We’ll have to modify this dashboard to make it fit for PIO projects. Right now, I have two questions:

(1) General question: What do you advice to put in the dashboard for PIO projects?

(2) The Project Layout section in the Dashboard shows all the important files that play a role in building and flashing your code. For a makefile-based project, that would typically be the makefile, linkerscript, and perhaps a few OpenOCD config files if you’re flashing through OpenOCD.
Which files should we put here for a PIO project? Somewhat related to this question is this one: Where is the linkerscript? - #3 by kristof.mulier

Thanks for your input!