VSCode; would like to clear terminal before build

I’m now using the 0.5.0 build of PlatformIO IDE for vscode.

Is it possible to clear the terminal before a build.

I am finding it a bit tedious to have to scroll the terminal to see the errors/output from the latest build. I often find myself ‘overshooting’ back past the latest build and would rather not have to do this.

I have tried adding a pre step but although this IS being executed (see the attached screenshot for verification/setup; a picture paints a thousand words, as they say…) it does not work.

I can clear the terminal simply by typing ‘cls’, so the terminal DOES have this capability.

I’d be happy if a build did either:

  • automatically close the old terminal and open a new one one
  • clear the existing terminal

This should probably be driven by an option in platformio.ini?

See PlatformIO IDE Task Runner documentation:

Nevertheless, I slightly changed the default behavior of PlatformIO Task Runner, now it uses dedicated terminal panel per unique task. See