Using SWO trace output from Atmel-ICE

Does anyone know if it is possible to get access to ARM Cortex-M TPIU SWO trace channels via PIO Unified Debugger?

Target is: SAMD51J19A - Adafruit Metro M4 Express
ICE is: Atmel-ICE
Dev env is Windows 10: Atmel-ICE data gateway version:

Also if not, maybe a description of the current state of missing plumbing in platformIO++ to enable this could be described so I/we could decide if there’s a chance to contribute to this grand OSS effort.



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Hi @richhas! If I’m not mistaken, it should be possible as the OpenOCD supports SWO but it should be enabled explicitly via itm ports on or something like that. The last thing you’ll only need to redirect the debug output to the SWO channel.