Alternative Monitor app

I tend to use Segger RTT as my goto debuging printf output . This has its own terminal app. Is there a way to mod platformio to call a different monitor app . I dont need it integrated into VSCode , simply that the app gets called when I select " Monitor"


Overlaps with Viewing SWO output within PIO? and Using SWO trace output from Atmel-ICE, in which you can see that no such modifications exists yet. But let’s concentrate the discussion in the first topic to have a central place.

The exact nature of the monitor app isn’t that important. I for example actually use the Segger RTT mechanism as I find it easy to use and it works well.

It would be nice if platformio simply let you specify in the .ini what monitor app to call , even one that opens outside VSCode , There are lots of alternative serial apps and loggers etc that then could be driven from the platformio options

Indeed, a custom option for “monitor command” would be a good improvement – a feature-request issue at is good way to let the core developers know that and track it.

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How about with these workarounds?

  1. Create a custom task PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation and configure a path to your tool
  2. Using a custom target Redirecting...

You can use the built-in terminal as well: