Upload to Attiny13

Hi everybody,
I would like to use platform.io to make programs for the Attiny13A. After doing some research i found that there is an arduino core for the tiny13 and the arduino ide can work with the attiny13A using smeezekitty’s core13 ( Core13 download | SourceForge.net and http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,89781.0.html ). I also found a thread about attiny85 with platformio (Upload to Attiny85).

My current config is as follows:

platform = atmelavr
framework = arduino
board = gemma
board_mcu = attiny13

upload_protocol = stk500v1
upload_flags = -P$UPLOAD_PORT -b$UPLOAD_SPEED

upload_port = /dev/ttyACM0
upload_speed = 19200

Unfortunately i can’t compile programs. I get a “PWM1B undeclared (first use in this function)” error in the pins_arduino.h for the gemma board when i try to compile. Removing the line “board = gemma” from my config results in a “This board doesn’t support arduino framework!” error.

How can i compile for an attiny13 with platformio?

Where have you copied the core13 files to?
I’ve struggled with the Attiny13 and PlatformIO too and added the core13 somewhere to the ~/.platformio/packages folder to get it working.
I also added a custom board (But I don’t know if that would have been required).

I don’t have this setup intact anymore - but the way I got it working didn’t felt right anyway.

We have added support for Generic ATTiny boards: ATTiny24, ATTiny25, ATTiny45 and ATTiny85 in PlatformIO 2.9.0 which will be released this week.

Please open request with ATtiny13 here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub . We will add support for ATTiny13.

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Nice. I look forward to both ATtiny85 and ATtiny13 support!!

I have quite a few of both; I manage to get the ATtiny85’s working without much effort but didn’t even wanna touch the 13’s. Honestly I purchased them by mistake. But would be super cool if I could use them with PIO

Please upgrade Big Update! PlatformIO IDE 1.2.0 and PlatformIO CLI 2.9.0