Big Update! PlatformIO IDE 1.2.0 and PlatformIO CLI 2.9.0

PlatformIO IDE 1.2.0 and PlatformIO CLI 2.9.0 are released!

New development platforms:

Release Notes

PlatformIO IDE 1.2.0

  • Home Screen: Recent projects, quick access panel, IDE/CLI version information
  • Project Examples: Learn PlatformIO with pre-configured Project Examples
  • Jump to C/C++ Declaration via hotkey f3
  • Added DTR and RTS options to Serial Monitor
  • Added Raw (do not apply any encodings/transformations) option to Serial Monitor
  • Remember all Serial Monitor options (including advanced settings)

PlatformIO CLI 2.9.0

  • Project generator for CodeBlocks IDE (issue #600)
  • New Lattice iCE40 FPGA development platform with support for Lattice iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Kit and BQ IceZUM Alhambra FPGA (issue #480)
  • New Intel ARC 32-bit development platform with support for Arduino/Genuino 101 board (issue #535)
  • New Microchip PIC32 development platform with support for 20+ different PIC32 based boards (issue #438)
  • New RTOS and build Framework named Simba (issue #412)
  • New boards for ARM mbed framework: ST Nucleo F410RB, ST Nucleo L073RZ and BBC micro:bit
  • Added support for Arduino.Org boards: Arduino Leonardo ETH, Arduino Yun Mini, Arduino Industrial 101 and Linino One (issue #472)
  • Added support for Generic ATTiny boards: ATTiny13, ATTiny24, ATTiny25, ATTiny45 and ATTiny85 (issue #636)
  • Added support for MightyCore boards: ATmega1284, ATmega644, ATmega324, ATmega164, ATmega32, ATmega16 and ATmega8535 (issue #585)
  • Added support for TI MSP430 boards: TI LaunchPad w/ msp430fr4133 and TI LaunchPad w/ msp430fr6989
  • Updated Arduino core for Espressif platform to 2.2.0 (issue #627)
  • Updated native SDK for ESP8266 to 1.5 (issue #366)
  • PlatformIO Library Registry in JSON format! Implemented --json-output and --page options for platformio lib search](Redirecting...) command (issue #604)
  • Allowed to specify default environments env_default which should be processed by default with platformio run command (issue #576)
  • Allowed to unflag(remove) base/initial flags using build_unflags option (issue #559)
  • Allowed multiple VID/PID pairs when detecting serial ports (issue #632)
  • Automatically add -DUSB_MANUFACTURER with vendor’s name (issue #631)
  • Automatically reboot Teensy board after upload when Teensy Loader GUI is used (issue #609)
  • Refactored source code converter from *.ino to *.cpp (issue #610)
  • Forced -std=gnu++11 for Atmel SAM development platform (issue #601)
  • Don’t check OS type for ARM mbed-enabled boards and ST STM32 development platform before uploading to disk (issue #596)
  • Fixed broken compilation for Atmel SAMD based boards except Arduino Due (issue #598)
  • Fixed firmware uploading using serial port with spaces in the path
  • Fixed cache system when project’s root directory is used as src_dir (issue #635)

Major changes in PlatformIO IDE

Home Screen

Project Examples


  • PlatformIO IDE: Please click on Settings :gear: in Toolbar and follow to Updates section.
  • PlatformIO CLI: Please click on Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO.

PlatformIO IDE

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