Throws error with the arduino STM32WB55 framework from "GrumpyOldPizza"

it thows the error when i try to create a new project (the .json file is in /home/hannes/.platformio/boardspackage_stm32wb_boards_index.json/) the error in the gui:
and the boards list load infinitley
and the cli error with the command “pio boards”:

hannes@Hannes-GUSCHTAV ~/D/P/P/STM32 Robot> pio boards
Error: Please specify name, url and vendor fields for /home/hannes/.platformio/boards/package_stm32wb_boards_index.json

and thankyou for your help

You cannot put the package index for an Arduino core into the boards/ folder of PlatformIO and have it work. It will not recognize the arduino core. Support for boards and a different arduino core is implemented differently in PlatformIO, with the build logic being in Python and residing in the platform (e.g. platform-ststm32) where also the package sources are declared and the board JSON files exist that have all the necessary metadata for the buld process.

You should unblock PlatformIO by removing /home/hannes/.platformio/boards/package_stm32wb_boards_index.json.

Currently this Arduino core is not officially supported (and neither is GrumpyOldPizza /ArduinoCore-stm32l4 per Please add support for arduino-STM32L4. · Issue #270 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub).

The Nucleo STM32WB55RG is however supported per this and the official STM32 arduino core.

Which board are we talking about exactly?

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i am talking about the nucleo board and i need this core because the other core doesnt support bluetooth but if you know a ble library for the arduino framework for the stm32wb55 then say where to download or at least the name and i knew that with removing the file it unblocks platformio

The stm32duino user that has the official STM32 Arduino core repo also has this repo: GitHub - stm32duino/STM32duinoBLE: ArduinoBLE library fork to support ST BLE modules

i knew this library but i need ble uart (with the nordic protocoll)

And where is Nordic UART Service implemented in GitHub - GrumpyOldPizza/ArduinoCore-stm32wb: Arduino Core for STM32WB? Or is it in some external library?

here is the example: ArduinoCore-stm32wb/NUS_Console.ino at master · GrumpyOldPizza/ArduinoCore-stm32wb · GitHub

I see. Then it should be easier to just give the GrumpyOldPizza core PlatformIO support. Shouldn’t be too hard, I’m looking into it…

yes i thought that too and a also opend a issue: platformio support · Issue #4 · GrumpyOldPizza/ArduinoCore-stm32wb · GitHub but he wont do it so we must do it, i think

could you help me geting this to run on platform io

That’s what I’m working on right now, but the core seems to be on a strike, refusing to compile even an empty sketch.

and thankyou for using your time and i think i have a fix not a good one but a working one

use this Uart.cpp: and if you want to test it just send me the bin file to compiled fo nucleo-wb55rg

Thanks, that got it to compile successfully.

in pio or arduino ide

In the Arduino IDE for now. PIO is work in progress.

@maxgerhardt ok and how is it going with the pio support?

I’ve just managed to get a blinky firmware to compile in PatformIO for LED_BUILTIN and 200ms on/off time, can you test? Deleted

With the virtual USB disk opened by the ST-Link V2.1 you should be able to just drag-and-drop the .bin file onto that virtual disk drive.

@maxgerhardt yes but i accidently deleted it could you repost it please

Woops? sure Deleted