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Something like `make -jN` for building?


I noticed that is building one source file at a time, not utilizing all my cpu cores.ltiple jobs

Is it possible to start multiple build jobs?

or this would become a feature request?


How did you check it? Please upgrade to just released PlatformIO 3.0 with the new build system and support for parallel builds.


ok… sorry, my fault…

didn’t notice that 3.0 just out like half an hour ago…


Sorry for bumping the old thread, but I cannot find any information about parallel builds in the documentation.
Since the search for parallel builds returns this topic only, I think it would be good to add some links to the docs about enabling multiple build jobs (rather than creating new topic fully duplicating this one).


PIO Build System automatically decides how many parallels builds could be run. It depends on a number of CPUs/Cores


I know this is an old thread but its 2019, I am using PIO 3.6.4 on Visual Studio, and compiling ESP-IDF projects is insanely slow and painful as it still compiles every single source file individually, how do I enable parallel building on this version?

I even screen captured the compile time, 1 min 53 seconds