Registering new platform and framework?

Dear all,

I would like to register a new platform and framework at PlatformIO, but have found no documentation how to do so.

They are based on the Cosa framework: GitHub - mikaelpatel/Cosa: An Object-Oriented Platform for Arduino/AVR
In my fork I have updated and tested the build scripts according to the latest pio: GitHub - SinishaDjukic/Cosa: An Object-Oriented Platform for Arduino/AVR Programming.

Is there a way to register not only new libraries, but also platform and framework?

Generally speaking, I also expected that it should not be needed to create a new platform for this (as the underlying one is atmelavr), so I expected that only a framework is enough. However, I have not found a way to add a new framework and allow existing boards to use it without modifying the board definitions in the atmelavr platform board files?


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Thank you so much for this work! We would be glad to see Corsa in our registry. A few questions, why do you need these?

  1. Cosa/ at master · SinishaDjukic/Cosa · GitHub
  2. Cosa/ at master · SinishaDjukic/Cosa · GitHub

You need just to add ROOT libraries directory. See platform-atmelsam/ at develop · platformio/platform-atmelsam · GitHub

Also, Cosa/BoardPlatformIO.h at master · SinishaDjukic/Cosa · GitHub ?

Why you can’t generate valid macro on-the-fly in the Python script?

Ivan, thanks for your prompt reply!

Regarding your questions:

  1. I wasn’t aware that adding root only is enough - will try it out
  2. It should be possible to create macros on-the-fly, but:
  • It should generally be easier to maintain the macro mapping in .h rather than .py, and the general split of responsibilities between basic build scripts and board-specific mappings seems clearer this way
  • I would expect that updating build scripts should not be needed while adding support for new boards

That said, I have a couple of clarifying questions:
3) I’ve managed to eliminate the need to define a new platform, so platform=atmelavr can readily be used in combination with framework=cosa (readme with instructions added to Git). However, adding a new framework seems to affect the underlying platform package: a) it’s platform.json needs to be updated to introduce the new framework as supported, and b) all board.json files need to be updated as well. How do you manage these inter-package dependencies in terms of release alignment? E.g. if the framework adds support for lets say attiny8x - this needs to be reflected in a new platform release too?


Is this suspended? I really would like to see Cosa added to PIO! Just ask me if there’s anything I can help. I am using macOS.