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Hi all!
We have recently created our IoT development platform - IoTaaP, the first board that we currently have is IoTaaP Magnolia with ESP32. I wonder how can I add our platform to Platformio repository. I have run through this topic: Registering new platform and framework? but I wasn’t able to find an answer.

Initial repo is here:

Looking forward to your answer and adding IoTaaP to Platformio!


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I think it would be a matter of doing a post like this :wink:

When @ivankravets gets a chance he’ll probably review it, suggest changes, and then do what needs to be done to add it.


Hi @igolubic! Why do you need an entirely new platform? Is there anything special like additional frameworks, sdk, uploaders? Maybe a new board in the espressif32 platform would be enough?


Hi @valeros !
Our platform will have various boards as time passes. Also, we have a plan to publish a new SDK. I think that it would be messy if we add only a new board to the espressif32 platform

Hi all,
after a brief discussion with my team and talking about the pros and cons of new platform vs new board we have decided to go with a new board under espressif32 platform. After finishing up development in a few days we will request adding this board to platformio as @pfeerick suggested.

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