''Reconnecting'' message


I have been ask by by Sandeep (at VSCode support) to file the following. Sandeep reports that this problem is related to PlatformIO, not VSCode.

The problem : If we do an ‘‘Update All’’ we get the message “Reconnecting” (top center of the attached picture) and this message stays there until we close and restart VSCode.


It does not prevent the application from working properly though. If we restart VSCode everything is back to normal.

You might want to look after this “Reconnecting” glitch.



Thanks for the report.

Do you need to close/restart VSCode, or merely close ‘PIO Home’ tab, and re-open PIO Home? When it happened, did contrib-piohome get updated? As I’ve had that same ‘reconnecting’ message when it recieved an update… which is understandable since it had to shut down the mini web server providing that functionality in order to update it.


Now that you ask, i tried it, something I did not think of doing.

Answer to your question : Yes it does (see picture).


Your explanation make sense but is it not awkward ?



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Not quite what I asked, but I’ve been able to since reproduce this on Windows, but it does not appear to affect Linux… interesting.

contrib-piohome didn’t get updated in your case - but it seems when running the update command, it still shuts down the piohome web server. At least you only have to close and re-open the pio home tab, and not VSCode entirely.

Easiest way to reproduce is running pio update --core-packages so it only runs the update pass on the core packages, which piohome is one of. This behaviour isn’t exhibited when running pio update --core-packages --only-check, so appears to be a behaviour done with the fact that an update might occur in mind. Hadn’t noticed before because I very rarely have PIO Home open… pretty much only open it when creating a new project, and that’s it.

I’ve just added an issue for it here: Enhancement: Don't stop piohome if not needed · Issue #2784 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much.



I am on linux and I get a reconnecting sometimes when I start a new project. The board selection for the project in the middle of the dialog has those rotating circles. I will have to try just closing PIO Home or having to close the vsc/pio application entirely.
Will try to reproduce.