Programação com abas no platformIO

Boa noite, estou fazendo uma programação para arduino e gostaria de organizar o código em abas como da para fazer na IDE do arduino, então pensei em criar um segundo arquivo .ino na pasta scr coloquei oque queria no novo arquivo e quando fui compilar o código deu erro. gostaria de saber se tem alguma forma de fazer uma programação com abas no platformIO ou não é possível fazer um código do tipo?

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Good evening, I am making a programming for arduino and would like to organize the code in tabs as you can do in the arduino IDE, so I thought of creating a second .ino file in the scr folder and put what I wanted in the new file and when I was compiling the code it gave an error. I would like to know if there is any way to make a tabbed programming in platformIO or it is not possible to make a code of this type?

Usually you write multiple .cpp files instead of multiple .ino files when splittung up code, since VSCode and other IDEs handle it better than .ino files.

Then you also have to worry about using the right code to share global variables with each other.

This has been discussed multiple times in multiple different topics, e.g., VSCode cpp: How to split source code in specific files?

Without you showing the code or the error message though, we can’t say much more.

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