Problm, upload an Arduino Sketch

I am a new user in Github and have already published my problems in the Github forum under Visual Studio Code. I discovered that this is the wrong forum for my problem. I also didn’t know that “Forum PlatformIO and Forum Githup” are the same things.
sorry, if i broke the Forum rules.

I use Visual Studio 1.51.1. at OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19042.
I want to do a sketch (blink) to get to know the program.
When I load the sketch onto the board, I get an error message:

No device found on COM3
*** [upload] Error 1

The board is not connected to com3, but to com6. It seems that the port will change from com6 to com3 during the upload.

Bild 8

There seem to be two ports, port COM3 bootloader and COM6 MKR1000.

I would be grateful for an explanation of the phenomenon.
Regards Jurgen

Have you tried to manually specify the upload port by adding upload_port = COM6 in the platformio.ini?

Hello MaxGerhardt
Many thanks for your response.
Yes i did that. Multiple times. Port 3 was set again and again.
I could not set port 6 manually after setting port 3 in PlatformIo.ini.
To select port 6, I had to repeatedly upload a sketch via the Arduino IDE. Then Port6 was also displayed in PlatformIo.
Regards Jurgen

I saw you sent me a message on another post on the same subject.
I replied to this message.

your Post

"No the Platform value is the microcontroller platform, and “Atmel SAM” is correct since the MKR1000 contains a Atmel SAMW25H18 System on Chip which in turn has the SAMD21 core MCU.

Does it help if you manually boot the chip into bootloader mode by quickly double-pressing the reset button and then press upload?"

regards Jurgen

Closing this thread since it’s a duplicate of A Problem witth VS and PlatformIO IDE

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