Private/in-premises packages and platform repositories

Hi there,

I would like to extend the following topic to packages and platform repositories.

According to the answer in the topic mentionned, there’s a way for libraries. However, according to topic Custom platform packageRepositories alternative? 4.3.x continued support? answered by @ivankravets, it seems that the Trusted Platform Registry is the only way to privately share tool and platform packages since v5.0.

So, recalling that we’re obligated to use all in-premises servers inside the company’s network, my question is very similar: Is there any plan to allow again private/self-hosted tool and platform packages? I read the release notes and I understand the motivation about security, but maybe something like a global preference to allow a white list of URL domains and paths could be a good compromise?

Hi @elecpic,

The private/self-hosted PlatfomIO Trusted Registry is a part of our business model. See Trusted Package Registry | PlatformIO Labs

Please email us at and we would be happy to help you.