Private/in-premises library registry


I’ve been using PlatformIO for my personal projects for a while and I’d be quite interested in using it in my workplace, but my company’s policies forbid us from storing our own code in public environments, we’re obligated to use all in-premises servers inside the company’s network (thus we have private repositories with self-hosted Gitlab, BitBucket, Jira etc).

Is there any plan for a private/self-hosted version of the library registry, or perhaps a proxy registry like Verdaccio works for npm?


You’re not putting you’re code in the library registry when you just use PlatformIO or the lib_deps directives.

Users can already pull in external libraries by specifying any git URL (which can point to an internal company git server), using the documented lib_deps. You can self-host your library code on your own servers and point to it using that – no company code is then ever uploaded to PlatformIO’s servers.