Pre-installing the platforms, libraries, and tools required by an environment

Is there a way to pre-install all the platforms, libraries, and tools required by some PIO environment (as defined in platformio.ini) without having to pio run -e <env> -t upload ?

I’m referring to platforms, libraries, and tools such as: atmelsam, toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi, tool-scons, tool-bossac, etc. I’m particularly interested in tool-bossac as it only gets installed when the upload target is set (-t upload)

The reason I’m asking is because I can guarantee internet connectivity during the provisioning phase of my device (the build phase of a Docker container), but not when the device has to call pio run -e <env> -t upload in order to flash code to the microcontroller. In other words, I can only install dependencies during the provisioning phase.


Of course, see

See 2-nd example.

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Awesome, thanks so much! I was missing the --with-package=uploader option :sweat_smile:

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