PlatformIO is it possible to flash ESP32-S3 when it's in TinyUSB mode?

Hi, I can easily flash my sketch on PlatformIO on an ESP32-S3 using this build flags:
this uses the emulated USB CDC/JTAG


I can’t flash the ESP when it’s in TinyUSB mode (Native USB)


Is there a way to flash the ESP when it’s in the TinyUSB Mode?


Does it work in the Arduino IDE? If yes with what exact Tools settings?

thanks for the answer @maxgerhardt
yes it works with this settings:

this is my platformio.ini

platform = ${common_env_data.platform_esp32}
board = lolin_s3_mini
board_build.mcu = esp32s3
framework = ${common_env_data.framework}
monitor_speed = ${common_env_data.monitor_speed}
upload_speed = ${common_env_data.upload_speed}
board_build.filesystem = littlefs
monitor_filters = ${common_env_data.monitor_filters_esp32}
monitor_port = //./COM24
upload_port = //./COM24
lib_deps = ${common_env_data.lib_deps}
lib_ldf_mode = deep
extra_scripts = post:platformio_version_increment/
lib_extra_dirs = ${common_env_data.lib_extra_dirs}
build_unflags = -DARDUINO_USB_MODE=1
build_flags =

am I miss the upload mode? if yes, how can I specify it in platformio.ini?

Hm… Maybe it needs a 1200 bps touch (serial port open) to get into actual bootloader mode? Can you add

board_upload.use_1200bps_touch = yes
board_upload.wait_for_upload_port = yes
board_upload.require_upload_port = yes

to the environment while removing upload_port?

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Max you are awesome!!! this way it works.

Espressif created a big framentation in the ESP32 family… :frowning:

latest updates seems to have breaked the possibility to flash the ESP32-S3 when it’s in TinyUSB mode…

I don’t know if it was platformio that broke it or if it is the CLion update.

any idea?


Manually specified //./COM24 looks very weird. upload_port should either be with backlsashes, or just COM24 or nothing at all.