How to upload to ESP32-S2 using native USB?

Hello, I’m trying to upload my code to ESP32-S2.
In Arduino IDE this is fairly simple, but I have no clue how to do this in PIO.

Here’s my Arduino settings, how can I transfer these to platformio.ini?
Do I need some -build_flags ?

With these settings there’s no need to press BOOT0 button and manually reset after uploading.
Is there a way to do this in PIO?

Duplicate of PlatformIO is it possible to flash ESP32-S3 when it's in TinyUSB mode? - #5 by maxgerhardt?

Thanks for the link, this solved te uploading issue.
Serial.print doesn’t seem to work, I’ll try to find a fix

TinyUSB implementations often require that the DTR (data terminal ready) line be asserted for data to be sent, so you might additionally need monitor_dtr = 1 in the platformio.ini. Also double check that you have the required build flags per post above, if your board definition doesn’t already define them to the correct value – otherwise Serial might go out the hardware serial / UART instead of USB.

Serial.print sends the output to UART (RX/TX).
If you use native usb, you need to add after Serial.begin