PlatformIO IDE for VSCode v1.8.0 with full support for PIO Core 4.0!

PlatformIO IDE for VSCode

We are happy to announce the final release of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode v1.8.0 with full support for PlatformIO Core 4.0!

What’s New

  • Full support for PlatformIO Core 4.0
  • PlatformIO Core Installer:
    • Added support for Python 3 and its “venv” module
    • Added PIO Remote project tasks
    • Added “Fuses” related project tasks
    • Added “Erase” project task for Espressif and Nordic dev/platforms
    • Implemented ProjectConfig parser following PIO Core 4.0 specification
    • Support custom port for PIO Home server
    • Override default ~/.platformio/penv folder with environment variable PLATFORMIO_PENV_DIR
  • PIO Unified Debugger:
    • Improved memory reading when large size of data were requested (Memory Viewer, Peripheral Registers)
    • Fixed an error “Cannot read property ‘getTreeNode’ of null” when reading “Generic Registers” (issue #862)
  • Added new setting platformio-ide.pioHomeServerHttpPort which sets a default HTTP port for PIO Home server (issue #832)
  • Added new setting platformio-ide.disablePIOHomeStartup which disables showing PIO Home at startup (issue #888)
  • Replaced *.png icons with *.svg (issue #755)
  • Fixed an issue when PlatformIO Core does not handle disabled “Proxy Strict SSL” (issue #837)
  • Fixed an issue with multiple instances of PIO Home when opening new project (issue #624)

- The PlatformIO Team

Quick Links

Just wanted to say this is working beautifully so far, and haven’t had any problems with it. I see the beta versions of the extension just seamlessly updated to the 1.8.0 release version… nice to see things ‘just working’ :wink: Had no problems installing on Manjaro (Arch) linux, Windows 10, KUbuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

btw, I think the Devices Project Task is new also, no? The Erase task is handy for ESP8266/ESP32, and the Fuses tasks will come in handy when I have to do custom AVR fuses again… much appreciated!

I love how the new global / local environment syntax in PIO4 allows for multi-board parameters to be shared across environments… makes the platformio.ini so much shorter, and easier to read! :smiley:


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Nice! :slight_smile: You can also move upload_speed to global [env] and only override in the sections where you need another value. The same with build flags. You can declare global build flags and override them with extending:

build_flags = 
  -I extra/include

board = ...
build_flags = 
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What, you mean I can get rid of even more lines? Sweeeeet! :smiley: Thanks!