PlatformIO Core 4.0 is finally released!


We are happy to announce the final release of PlatformIO Core 4.0! Over 30 new features with full Python 3 support, advanced project configuration, and… built-in open-sourced Debugging and UnitTesting engines!

The next significant change is refactored backend for PIO Home. Now it works with a rocket :rocket: speed! This is a solid foundation on which we plan to implement a brand-new UI for “platformio.ini” configuration and other CLI components.

PlatformIO 4.0 is fully compatible with PlatformIO Core 3.0 projects. To save your time we created PlatformIO Core 4.0 Migration Guidance where you can learn more about new features and major changes.

This is the biggest work which we have done since the year 2014! We are very grateful to our partners Western Digital and SiFive for providing the funding to make this release possible. Together we share a common vision and passion around improving open source ecosystem for embedded development. We believe in community collaboration and its ability to change and reshape modern development instruments.

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and bug reports! :orange_heart:

- The PlatformIO Team

Quick Links

Try It Now

PlatformIO IDE

  • VSCode: Left Activity Bar > PlatformIO > Quick Access > Upgrade PlatformIO Core.
  • Atom: “Menu PlatformIO: Upgrade PlatformIO Core”

Also, please do not forget to restart your PlatformIO IDE.

PlatformIO Core

Please run the command below:

platformio upgrade