PlatformIO Home 2.0

We have announced PlatformIO IDE 2.0 Preview with the first prototype of PIO Home a few months ago. We were impressed how community accepted it. Later, we announced support for PlatformIO IDE for VSCode. As result, a lot of users requested PIO Home for VSCode too.

So, we decided to create a Cross-platform PIO Home :rocket: that will not depend on any IDE and could be used in your browser as a Web-based application. Later, we will integrate new PlatformIO Home into PlatformIO IDE for Atom and PlatformIO IDE for VSCode.


  • Integrated PIO Account
  • Updates Notifier
    • for libraries and development platforms
  • Library Managment
    • Search in PIO Library Registry
    • Custom library versions per different projects
    • Built-in libraries in the installed frameworks, SDKs
    • Library Changelog (release notes) :fire:
  • Development Platform Managment
    • Finally! Project Examples! :fire:
    • Release Notes
    • Package information
  • Board Explorer
    • 400+ boards
    • Filtering, sorting, grouping! :fire:
    • IoT enabled boards :cloud:

New features, such as Project Management, will be announced later. Stay tuned with us on @PlatformIO_Org.


New PlatformIO Home is built into upcoming PlatformIO Core 3.5:

  • Does not require the Internet (only when searching in PlatformIO Registry or checking updates for libraries/platforms)
  • Works with the all popular browsers.

How to start

Please open PlatformIO IDE Terminal and type

# Upgrade PlatformIO Core to the latest 3.5.0 (dev)
pio upgrade

# Start PIO Home Server
pio home

PlatformIO should open PIO Home in your default browser automatically. If it didn’t happen, please navigate to http://localhost:8008 manually.


PIO Account

Library Managment

Board Explorer

Platform Managment

The PlatformIO Plus Team