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PlatformIO disappeared from VSCode status bar

I haven’t used PlatformIO for a few months and this morning all the icons (build, upload, etc…) disappeared from the status bar.

The only change is the update to VSCode to 1.36.1 and latest version of PIO

I have tried to uninstall PlatformIO and reinstall it again, but the problem remains.

Any idea? Thanks!

After a few uninstall and install, they came back!

One thing to keep in mind is if you dn’t have a PlatformIO project folder open in your workspace the toolbar won’t show… it only shows up if the extension detects a PlatformIO project. However, the alien head icon for platformio should always show up in the activity bar on the left.

I tried to open a few projects. The alien icon was there so it was the little home icon in the status bar, but all the others were not there.

It was also giving the error command not found when I launch the build process from the menu. Not sure if it was related.