PlatformIO Core 3.2

Dear PlatformIO User!

We are proud to present official PlatformIO Core 3.2 with revolution PIO Remote™ technology. We ported the most popular classic PlatformIO Core commands to Over-The-Air (OTA) level. It means, that you can prepend remote prefix before classic command and it will be run on the remote device/machine WITHOUT extra software, dependencies to OS, SSH, VPN, opening network ports or etc. For example, pio run --target upload, builds and uploads firmware to local devices, where pio remote run --target upload will deploy firmware to remote device. We support more than 300+ boards.

PIO Plus

We decided to make PIO Plus for FREE for PlatformIO Community and introduce new “Community” Plan for $0/year. See Plans and Features. Nevertheless, we would be thankful if you subscribe to PIO Plus and support further development of PlatformIO Core and PIO Plus.

Now, Cloud IDE for embedded development is more closer:
Cloud IDE (Cloud9, Codeanywhere or Eclipse Che) + PIO Remote = $0.

In any case, we would be thankful if you support PlatformIO ecosystem with subscribing to paid plans.

What is new

See PlatformIO 3.2 Release Notes for details.

PIO Remote™ Architecture

Cloud IDE Demo

Remote Unit Testing Demo Project


  • PlatformIO IDE: Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO Core
  • PlatformIO Core: Please run pio upgrade command.

PlatformIO IDE


The PlatformIO Plus Team

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