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PIO home will not load

After latest update PIO home will not load. PIO home command in terminal will open PIO home in web page. I have tried uninstalling PlatformIO IDE and reinstalling. Also removed`%userprofile%/.platformio/penv folder and restart of IDE. No change. The following error is from “Toggle Developer Tools”.

Extension Host] runCommand C:\Users\Paul.platformio\penv\Scripts\python.exe

  1. (10) ["-m", “platformio”, “-c”, “vscode”, “home”, “–port”, 8010, “–shutdown-timeout”, 3600, “–no-open”]

Thanks Paul

After many hours I solved the issue. Settings Platformio-ide: Pio Home Server Http Port.PIO Home server HTTP port (the default value 0 automatically assigns a free port in the range [8010…8100]) Ports in the default range did not work. Changed to port 8008 which was the port it used when I used command pio home and it solved the issue.


I believe this still might be an issue.
I have had sporadic loss of the pio-home server and I receive a generic error of the server timing out.
I have followed every troubleshooting post from 2018 forward and going as far as deleting everything relating to VSCode, python and PIO on my system. This had not repeatably fixed my problem.

In-fact the problem would occur after a clean install, and hours later it would inexplicably work.

I will try using a port out of the default range.
@PWK thanks for your information.

The auto assignment of the PIO Home port was infact my issue as well. I assigned it a port which was outside the range when 0 is assigned and the issue has been fixed. I don’t think anyone should do a full clean uninstall and delete anymore and test this first.

Thanks again @PWK.

I was used to find a link to PIO Home at the left column. Now I can’t find it anymore. I had to close VSCode and open it again to get PIO Home screen back.

Now what if I close PIO Home? How could I open it again?


I don’t see a problem, the PIO Home icon is still there in the toolbar and you’ve collapsed the “Quick Access” menu in which there also is PIO Home. Just click on it again.


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It couldn’t be easier!

Thank you.