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PIO home will not load

After latest update PIO home will not load. PIO home command in terminal will open PIO home in web page. I have tried uninstalling PlatformIO IDE and reinstalling. Also removed`%userprofile%/.platformio/penv folder and restart of IDE. No change. The following error is from “Toggle Developer Tools”.

Extension Host] runCommand C:\Users\Paul.platformio\penv\Scripts\python.exe

  1. (10) ["-m", “platformio”, “-c”, “vscode”, “home”, “–port”, 8010, “–shutdown-timeout”, 3600, “–no-open”]

Thanks Paul

After many hours I solved the issue. Settings Platformio-ide: Pio Home Server Http Port.PIO Home server HTTP port (the default value 0 automatically assigns a free port in the range [8010…8100]) Ports in the default range did not work. Changed to port 8008 which was the port it used when I used command pio home and it solved the issue.