Picking up Arduino library manager library versions without a tag

Hi all, I’ve just noticed that platformIO seems to publish Arduino library versions that are not tagged, up until now I’ve just done development work on the master branch, and then released it by tagging it, which is in line with how the Arduino library manager works. However, I just noticed that tcMenu (PlatformIO Registry) has moved to V2.0.0 even though there is no 2.0.0 tag.

Can someone confirm the rules for the publication of a library? If this is true, we may need to create feature branches in the future and not adjust the main branch until the very last moment before release. Concerns me slightly because based on our current development model, we often move the library version mid development of a version.

@ivankravets, the library above is being developed in the master branch and the version in the library.json was incremented, but no new tag or release was created. The PlatformIO library page then showed 2.0.0 released 4 days ago although the author didn’t mean to release it because

Any ways to prevent that? Not developing in the master branch or not incrementing the version number until release?

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Hi there,

  1. We don’t recommend increasing the version in manifest files if you plan to have a further updates to the branch. The best practices recommend doing this when you make the final release.
  2. We removed all your packages from “autosync” legacy process
  3. 2.0.0 version also was removed
  4. Please manage your packages manually Migrating from 5.x to 6.0 — PlatformIO latest documentation

@maxgerhardt Many thanks, yes going forward we may avoid large dev on master, probably best in case someone stumbles across the repo instead of using a library manager anyway.

@ivankravets Many thanks for getting back to me on this. Edit auto Manual sync is perfect for me, many thanks.

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